Cynthia is a native of Kansas City but has lived in California for over twnty years. Just recently, her and her husband of 24yrs. moved back to the Central Valley after almost 4 yrs. in Southern California.

She honed her craft and learned advanced skills in and around Los Angeles and San Diego to stay ahead of the curve as a professional Massage Therapist.

She holds her State (CAMTC) Certification as a Massage Practitioner, and was formally trained in Santa Barbara.

Massage Style:

While she still uses the foundational skills she learned in school, Cynthia developed a unique blend of styles she sometimes calls "fusion." Her massage has evolved tremendously over the years, and benefited from continuing education, with greater focus on Eastern styles such as Thai for the table & Shiatsu massage that she blends into her Western skill set .

Cynthia has worked for salons, day spas, chiropractors & cycling events. She's also done table & chair massages for physician's, hospitals, senior care & nursing staff. She currently practices inside a massage clinic located at 1285 W. Shaw Ave., Ste. 110 in Fresno, California.

She also offer's mobile services, for women who prefer more convenience, privacy and like to relax in their own personal environment.

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Certified through the State of CA